Research “Save The Brand”

What is the strength and potential of the brand of excellent SMEs in the food sector? How did they leverage the innovation and the brand to grow and maintain the profitability of the business? Who are the future ambassadors of “Made in Italy” beyond the borders? Those questions are answered in the research “Save The Brand” realized by ICM Research, the research unit and competitive intelligence of ICM Advisors, and curated by LC Publishing Group.

The research is part of the initiative known as ‘“Save the Brand” which was launched in 2014 by ICM advisors and LC Publishing Group with the aim of developing an observatory dedicated to the value of SME brands in the Made in Italy sector of food.

The reasearch provides a map of Made in Italy community made of companies and professionals who closely follow the evolution of the best realities and need to understand the trends and needs towards which the food sector is evolving. The starting point is the consideration that intangible assets represent an increasingly significant part of the firm’s value and a determining factor in the company’s development. A growing attention to the strategic value of the brand is spreading among the companies of Made in Italy, accompanied by a parallel increase in dedicated investments.

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