LC Publishing Group provides 100% digital information on the legal, finance and food worlds, from a business perspective, with a focus on trends, operations and key players in relevant markets.

LC Publishing Group, with offices in Milan, Madrid and New York, is the largest legal publisher in Southern Europe and Latin America.


The company, founded in 2011 by Aldo Scaringella as Legalcommunity Group, then underwent a rebranding to become LC Publishing Group, following growth in revenue and brand awareness.

The first title established in 2011, legalcommunity.it, was joined by a wide range of titles: financecommunity.it in 2014, inhousecommunity.it in 2015, foodcommunity.it in 2016 and, in 2017, 2018 and 2020 respectively, the international English portals foodcommunitynews.com, inhousecommunityUS.com and legalcommunity.ch. In 2022 the Group established its last title, legalcommunityMENA.com.


In January 2019, LC Publishing Group acquired a majority stake in Iberian Legal Group, publisher of Iberian Lawyer and The Latin American Lawyer. The acquisition resulted in the creation of the largest legal publishing player in Southern Europe and Latin America.


Since 2013, the Group has been publishing MAG, a fully digital, free in-depth fortnightly publication, that can be downloaded from its portals.


In 2017, the Group launched unbuonavvocato.it , a web platform created to make access to legal advice easy and convenient.

In the same year, LC Publishing Group published its first book, Avvocati d’Affari, edited by Nicola Di Molfetta.

In October 2021, LC published the pamphlet Troppi Avvocati! Quali Avvocati?, by Nicola di Molfetta.


Complementing the Publishing Group’s activities is the organisation of events such as awards, conferences, workshops in different countries such as Egypt, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, the United States and Switzerland.