Research Centre

The Research Centre of LC Publishing Group (publisher, among others, of Legalcommunity, Financecommunity, Inhousecommnunity, Foodcommunity) has been publishing Industry Report on the market of legal, tax and financial services since 2014.

The methodology is based on 4 macro-elements analyzed by our Researchers:

  1. The compilation of submission/self-applications in which are reported the main transactions and consultations carried out in the last 12 months;
  2. Consultation with journalists of the editorial staff of the LC Publishing Group;
  3. Conducting market intelligence;
  4. Collection of feedback/contact opinions and/or clients indicated in submission.

By analysing the reports of all the studies involved in the analysis, our researchers give evidence to the signs and lawyers indicated, by their direct competitors and peers, but also by the comments and opinions of the clients interviewed, which are the true excellence of the sector beyond the individual areas of specialization.

Those conclusions are published inside a small Report on MAG, which provides an overview on their reference sector and its protagonists (as, for example, the ranking of the main lawfirms’ turnover, transfers and new appointments).